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Your Friend (Single)

Swiss It Records is delighted to release Cyrill Reiser’s new single, ‘Your Friend‘, as a teaser for his brand new EP ‘Soul’s On Fire‘ dropping 2023.

This song is a story about finding peace along the journey of healing from heartbreak.

You know how the story goes when two separate lives begin merging into one, hearts become intertwined, and trial and tribulations no matter how good the intentions, eventually drive the two lovers to a heart wrenching ultimatum. 

Your Friend‘ is like a quantum time travel beyond a love story in all of its beauty and pain, to tell the story of the other side where reconciliation and peace has been found. This song is a glimpse into the healing that takes place when we let ourselves mend the heartbreak of losing someone that was supposed to be ‘The One’.

Your Friend‘ calls on a lighthearted guitar melody to set the tone for this warm and loving tribute to friendship after love.

Cyrill’s vocals embody a kind of peace and gentle wisdom, with lyrics that paint the picture of a beautiful nostalgia in the road to reconciliation.

About The Songwriting Process 

Along Cyrill’s travels as a nomadic filmmaker he befriended Musician and Producer Ciaran McMeeken. The two went on to spend a week together writing and beginning the production of this body of work in Ciaran’s home-studio in Asheville, NC. 

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