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Forged In Love (Single)

Swiss It Record’s is proud to announce the release of Cyrill Reiser’s new single ‘‘Forged In Love’.

How do you let go of something when it feels so forged into your bones? The aftermath of a painful breakup sets in and the gut wrenching reality of heartbreak moves in like dark clouds in a storm. It’s a grueling process learning to be alone again after years of walking alongside someone you loved, day after day. Forged in Love comes from the depths of that dichotomy, where grief and confusion made their stone cold imprint. A gritty tribute depicting the courage it takes to keep living.

His hope for this track is that it will serve as a source of comfort and healing for anyone who may be experiencing similar feelings of pain and struggle. At the same time, I want the track to inspire listeners to recognize that they have the power to let go of things that no longer serve them and move forward towards a better future, even if they seem to be stuck in repeating patterns.

About The Songwriting Process 

Produced by LA native Nick Annis and co-written by New Zealand native Ciaran McMeeken: Cyrill met Ciaran during a trip to Asheville, North Carolina. The two had a special musical relationship and went on to write the set of singles of Soul’s on Fire in Ciaran’s home studio. Finally when the time was right Cyrill made a trip to LA where he worked alongside Nick Annis to produce his songs. 

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