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Soul’s On Fire (EP)

Willing to go where most won’t, Cyrill Reiser has a truly adventurous soul. Stepping into unknown territory with his travels around the world and paving his own way into the music industry, Cyrill goes all in on his relationships and makes bold life choices along the way. Soul’s On Fire is a result of courage and faith, something that is only found when one faces their fears and overcomes adversity. This is the essence of this EP. These songs are an authentic journey proving that no matter how difficult life can be, there is still a pathway to freedom.


Soul’s On Fire tells a sequential story about a painful breakup that would go on to be a catalyst for change, adventure and growth in Cyrill’s life. Each song represents a chapter in the story, taking us through Cyrill’s phases of transformation.


His debut EP was created by a series of synchronicities: meeting the right people at the right time, and the continual belief that telling your story is defined by overcoming all of the doubts and uncertainties in the world. 


These are pivotal elements of Cyrill’s transformation.

The Songs

In Don’t Wrong Me No More Cyrill tells a story about the heartbreaks that define and impact us so deeply, especially the heartbreaks with the lovers we never fathomed we’d lose. When the darkness of someone’s past becomes so strong and untamed, it pulls you into an oblivion where the lines between reality and illusion become blurred. Finally the devastating choices you’ve tried so hard to avoid then become more and more inevitable: backing you into a corner.


But how do you let go of something when it feels so forged into your bones? As the aftermath of a painful breakup sets in, the gut wrenching reality of letting go juxtaposed with learning to cope moves in like the dark clouds of a storm. It’s a grueling process to learn to be alone again after years of walking alongside someone you loved, day after day. Forged in Love comes from the depths of that dichotomy, where that grief and confusion made their stone cold imprint on a soul, a soul that no longer knows where to turn.


The road to recovery from heartbreak is often a long one, and My Grave illuminates the brutal ups and downs of struggling to accept that new reality. Pain and nihilism seem to become the new normal, and when you hit rock bottom you only seem to have two choices. Let it become your peril into the pits of despair, or you pick up the pieces of what you’ve still got and find a way to live again. 


Soul’s On Fire is about that moment of truth; when you’ve had enough of wondering ‘what’s the point?’ and you finally realize that you’ve got nothing to lose. When you’ve found the grit and boldness it takes to risk really living again after battling through so many inner demons. A whole new strength and empowerment emerge and bring with them a hunger to rediscover who you are and what you’re capable of. It’s both thrilling and terrifying, but it’s all a part of what makes the adventure worth it in the end. 


Cyrill’s ability to transform his pain and heartbreak into growth, powerful life lessons, and ultimately art is what makes him so authentic and unique. In the final song, Your Friend, everything comes full circle when he’s able to see the journey for the beauty that it has carried. An ode to the friendship that was there all along, that even after going through long periods of despair, he was still able to find peace and acceptance in knowing he never really lost the beauty and significance of how one person is able to impact your life. 


An unapologetic claim to freedom and power is at the core of his EP. It reveals that even when we think we can’t take it anymore, our spirit kicks in like never before and shows us exactly what we’re made of and who we can become.


When we acknowledge the stories that have shaped and transformed us, we share them and they set us free.

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