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Society (Single)

Swiss It Records is excited to announce the release of singer/songwriter Aaliyah R’s first single, ‘Society’.

Ever felt the unrealistic pressure of being enough to belong in the “real world”? If you felt a yes to that question, then it will feel like Aaliyah R. is speaking directly to your soul in this song. The lyrics reveal the painfully relatable truth about not really wanting to fit into a social mold that feels broken and distorted. A hauntingly raw and real song that highlights the challenges of being a young woman – and really anyone- in the societal grips of what it means to be accepted.

The track boasts a beautiful piano melody, with supporting strings and a pulsing bass that rides the story to an impactful crescendo, hitting somewhere deep within. Her vocals are both smooth and gritty at the same time, with a sound that resembles that of Lorde and Billie Eilish.

To hear this powerful track, head over to your favorite streaming platform and jump into the wavelength.

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