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Music ReleasesHoney Hearted Woman (Single)

Honey Hearted Woman (Single)

We are excited to announce the release of Honey Hearted Woman.

Ciaran McMeeken’s new song boasts an incredible blend of instruments that build in an exceptional way, making you want to both dance and take your lover to the bedroom at the same time.

Written at the beginning of a blossoming relationship, Ciaran captures the relatable story of wanting to spend every moment possible in the intimate love that is emerging. Painting a beautifully detailed scene of the feeling we all get in the precious moments with a lover, of wanting to slow down time. 

Ciaran’s vocals range from buttery smooth to powerful and rich, bringing the whole story and scene to life in a timelessly stirring way.  

For a fresh taste of love, desire, and romance, head over to your streaming platform of choice and give this this sexy and endearing track a listen!

Stay bold and Dream Big!

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