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Don’t Wrong Me No More (Single)

Cyrill Reiser gets gritty and gloomy with Don’t Wrong Me No More!

 The heartbreaks that define and impact us so deeply are defined by the lovers we never fathomed we’d lose. When the darkness of someone’s past becomes so strong and untamed, it submerges you into an oblivion where the lines between reality and illusion become blurred. The devastating choices you’ve tried so hard to avoid then become more and more inevitable, backing you into that corner until you draw the hard line in the sand.

‘Don’t Wrong Me No More’ is a song defined by the throughline of a blunt ultimatum, with a bluesy, slow rock vibe that  has a special way of bringing out the underlying heartache and moodiness in the lyrics and vocals.

Cyrill’s ability to transform his pain and heartbreak into growth, powerful life lessons, and ultimately art is what makes him and this single so unique and captivating. 

Head over to your favorite streaming platform now and listen.

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